Monday, March 5, 2012

Doing Laundry - in style.

My utility room was sad. A sad, plain, lonely little room. I had no storage. I had no workspace. I had no INSPIRATION! You know this status was to be short lived!

Oh, did I mention? This Betty is a carpenter too! Seriously.

I'm not even going to include a before photo. Just imagine a void of blandness.

I had some left over MDF from a previous project that was just ripe for the picking for some shelves and a counter. Likewise some shelf brackets. I brought the boards to work and had them cut down to approximately 1'x 4' for two shelves and 2'x4' for a counter. I also had a radius routed onto one corner so I didn't bruise my XXL hips into a hematoma on a sharp edge! Basically, we just sanded them down until they were rounded off.

After a brief tussle with the stud finder... I told my boyfriend (with a heavy dose of snark) that he had the best stud finder in the world! It could find anything BUT a stud! Turns out the only stud his girlfriend could find was him! So after a few miscellaneous holes in the walls, I managed to put up all the brackets and hang the shelves. Maybe 3 coats of white semi-gloss paint with a foam brush later and it was gorgeous! Unfortunately the scene was a little less than beautiful when I put the cat litter boxes back in place. No bueno. So ever the crafty one, I bought a pretty colored flat sheet from Walmart ($5!!!!!) and attached it, folded in half to the underside of the counter with thumbtacks. Easy care. A few more accessories (store bought pantry, cute trash can, broom/mop wall holder) later and laundry is now, dare I say it, fun!

At the very least, it is cuter!

Who says function can't look fantastic! What's your latest retro reno?

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