Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Be A Betty

Domesticity is the new black. Frugality is in and craftiness is trending. Being a modern retro housewife (even if you aren't a wife, or don't stay at home!) is again sexy, impressive and envious!

You can have a clean house, a happy and healthy family, a gourmet dinner on the table, money left over and LOOK CUTE WHILE DOING IT! Your friends will have more jellys than Smuckers baby!

For those who think that cleaning, cooking, sewing, etc. is a repressive thing of the past, think of it as taking pride in taking care of yourself. That's real independence.

This blog is here to answer your domestic questions: how do I get that stain out? How can I save money on laundry detergent? And most importantly....What's for dinner?!

What do YOU need to know to Be A Betty? Let me know! And for those Betty's already out their doing your thing, how do you do it?

The Betty

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