Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scrambled Eggs. Just. Got. Real.

I LOVE TILAPIA. Yes, it's true. I admit it. Not much else compares. Except scrambled eggs. Like tilapia - endless possibilities! If you can dream it, you can eat it! Versatile foods are where it's at, especially when they are also Use It Up foods!

Tonight, upon inspection of my fridge, I came up with a Roma tomato, an avocado and fresh mozzarella. MexItali anyone?

MexItali Scrambled Eggs

2 eggs, room temperature
1 Tbs milk or half & half
Salt and Pepper
1/4 Avocado, diced
1/2 Roma Tomato, diced
a few dices of Mozzarella

Scramble the eggs with the milk or half and half...aim for frothiness. In a small saute pan, sloooowly cook the eggs or medium low heat. When not stirring, cover with a lid. The steam makes them extra fluffy. Just before the eggs are all the way set, salt and pepper them. If you do it any sooner, the pepper settles in clumps and the salt can make the eggs tough. At this stage, sprinkle the mozzarella pieces over the eggs and cover with the lid to heat. Top with the tomato and avocado and voila! An extremely quick and easy take on scrambled eggs. I ate mine with a side of sausage patties to round out the meal, but this variation would work great with Steak and Eggs!


  1. I really like the kitchen chemistry advice. Most recipes leave this out. Only going for taste and looks. I like taste and looks too, but Chemistry is essential. Salts and spices are reactive, not inert. You are insightful. Someday, we'll be reading these in your syndication E-magazines.Great Stuff, DH

  2. Thank you! Once you learn the grammar of cooking, the vocabulary is a cinch! If you follow certain processes, you can mix and match new ingredients to no end.