Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Simple Truth Organic - Kroger

I looooove Organic and Natural foods! Looooooove. Not only are the devoid of nasty ingredients that I cannot pronounce, let alone recognize as something remotely edible...they are also DELICIOUS! There is so much more flavor in organic and natural foods....try the milk and eggs first. Instant convert.

Unfortunately, up until recently, these foods were only widely available in specialty stores or trendy grocery spots like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. And they have been expensive!

No more, I more!

Got this pin from the bag boy - to his credit, he was very cooperative!

Ask my was like my Christmas. Times a billion.

Background story: I used to be a regular Kroger shopper. Then Walmart lured me in. It wiled it's way into my financially-heart. "Cheeeeaaaaap," it said. "Soooo convenient!" it said. I listened. I feel like I've been cheating on Kroger, but now it is time to get right with my grocery store!

Kroger has recently combined their Naturally Preferred™ and Private Selection® Organic products under a new heading: Simple Truth. And dangit if it ain't snazzy! Their new packaging just POPS. Again, ask the hubby-to-be. Every aisle was filled with delightful little jack-in-the-boxes of organic awesomeness just jumping out at me. I felt like I was on a highbrow version of SuperMarket Sweep.

Visit Kroger's Simple Truth website to see a product even has a feature that lets you make a Simple Truth grocery list! The prices are definitely reasonable....within cents of the generic brand, non-organic/natural counterparts! And there are usually several products on sale! As far as I can tell from the website, the product list is quickly expanding! I already love the milk and popped chips, and I am looking forward to the spices and herbs coming up for my holiday baking!

As my friend Madea would say, "Hallelujer!"

Kroger definitely beats any regular grocery store in Organic products, as far as I've seen. Their new Simple Truth line has made me a believer! They also have a wide variety of other Organic and Natural foods (we are talking MULTIPLE AISLES) including Horizon...their cottage cheese is to die for. Just sayin'.

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