Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Give the Gift of Food

New home, new job, new baby, wedding...all joyous occasions generally warranting a present. These events are usually very busy times too! Save your friends and family the time and trouble of that age old dilemma: What's for Dinner?

Making a meal as a gift is a great idea in so many ways:
1) Always highly appreciated
2) You can easily choose your price range
3) Chances are no one else is getting them the same thing
4) Low odds that it will be regifted
et cetera, et cetera

You can go as simple or extravagant as you like. Anything from a simple lasagna in a disposable aluminum pan to a highly decorated gift basket including a keepsake baking dish, bottle of wine and after dinner mints! Even a basket of ingredients with an interesting, yet surprisingly simple recipe is a great idea!

What are some of your favorite "Give the Gift of Food" ideas! Have you ever been on the receiving end?


  1. Love this idea. I especially love to cook for others, and in the past I've made banana peach bread with honey pecan butter, chicken soup, and various cookies/bars to give as gifts around the holidays. After my c-section delivery my MIL really helped out and cooked dinners for my husband and I for almost a month straight! She made amazing smothered pork chops and spoon burgers, and I'm always grateful for her help during that time.

    1. Those sound wonderful! I'm a gift basket addict :)