Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where to find...

Every retro housewife should be able to have a retro wife in..? Anyways. Ross, Target, Walmart...occasionally you can find an item that you can make work. I'm crafty, but even I get tired of that phrase from time to time. Some times, I want something retro. Meant to be retro. Retro on purpose. Done. End o' story. Here are a few website reviews and sources for just such a thing! They've made my life much easier and, for that matter, much more accessorized!

Feast your eyes!

Retro Planet
Yes, yes, yes! When I win the lottery, I am personally putting this website in the black! They have products ranging from retro tableware to the retro table to put it on. Furniture, wall decorations, cool aprons...they've got plenty to keep you going!

8 Ball Webstore

I love all of the tiki on this site! 8 Ball Webstore has a lot of housewares conveniently categorized. They also sell clothes and accessories. The only drawbacks are limited and ever-changing stock and no returns. This is a fairly mom-and-pop outfit so don't expect too much high-tech. You might get more personalized customer service however, so definitely a plus.

SourPuss Clothing
This is billed as primarily a clothing/accessory website, but their housewares section is amazing! It leans more to the psychobilly side, but there are plenty of styles available for all types of retro house. I went on a Christmas shopping spree here last year and was not disappointed!

If you know of more great retro housewares sources, please share! These are just a few to get you started, but I'm always in the market for new places to shop.

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