Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Retro Housewife - for real!

Monday night my boyfriend of three years proposed! This Betty is soon to be a Mrs.! Thank you to all of our friends and family who have shown so much love and given so many congratulations the past few days. You all mean the world to us. And a very special thanks to my main squeeze for putting this beautiful ring on my finger and letting me know that I'm the one for him.

There are most likely going to be many follow up posts to come! I think my sister-in-law to be is already filling out a "Say Yes to the Dress" application for me! :)


  1. W O W ! I am excited for you ! And especially for your lucky husband. If I weren't 60, I'd have asked you myself. Even though I am extremely jealous, I wish Much Happiness to you both. Sincerely, D H ....keep doing the blog....

  2. I most certainly will! Thank you for your well wishes and I will pass on the compliment. :)