Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chicken Chili with Homemade Honey Cornbread

I've said it once (okay, maybe more than once) and I'll say it again! Use It Up! recipes are the way to go! Especially if it is also a One Dish Dinner!

Combine some leftover cilantro, a cooked chicken breast, some straggler carrot sticks and mushrooms and a rainy, nasty Atlanta day and you get Chicken Chili. It would have been White Chicken Chili but I only had red beans. Hence, it was more of a beige chicken chili, but that doesn't quite have the same ring to it. And then, my hubby is a cornbread fanatic. So that was a must too....but what to do when Jiffy isn't there to save the day? Put on my Betty Boots and make it myself!

for the RECIPES

Chicken Chili (Serves 2)

1 cooked Chicken Breast, diced
2 cups Chicken Broth
1 cup shredded Carrots
1/3 cup diced Mushrooms

1 tsp chopped Garlic
2 Tbs Olive Oil
2 Tbs Flour
1/2 Milk
2 tsp dried, minced Onion***
2 Tbs Chili Powder
1 Tsp Paprika
1 tsp Hot Sauce (I <3 Tapatio)
1/4 cup chopped fresh Cilantro (there is no such thing as dried cilantro! well, there shouldn't be...)
2 Tbs Cream Cheese
2 Tbs Sour Cream

Saute the carrots in a little olive oil until soft. Add in the mushrooms and garlic and continue to cook until the mushrooms are browned and no juice remains in the pan (this is how you know mushrooms are done) Scoot all the veggies to the sides of the pan, creating a little hole in the center. Pour in the two tablespoons of olive oil and stir in the flour to make a roux. Cook until bubbly, then stir into the vegetables. Add in the milk, stirring constantly. CONSTANTLY. Add in the chicken broth. Yet, more stirring. When things have settled down and the broth/milk starts to thicken, add in the rest of the ingredients all the way up to the hot sauce. The cilantro, cream cheese and sour cream should be stirred in right before serving. Everything else can simmer for about half an hour. Yum. Or as my Southern Accented-Mind just said: yurrrm.

***Feel free to sub in fresh onion. Hey, if you are feeling ambitious, add in some celery, bell pepper, etc! It's your fridge that you are trying to clear out!

Honey Cornbread

1 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Cup Yellow Cornmeal
2/3 Cup White Sugar
3 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 Egg
1 Cup Milk
2 Tbs Honey
Pinch of Salt

Mix everything together until well incorporated (as in, no dry patches. Lumps are okay) and bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Well, comes out without wet cornbread batter on it at least! I made a half-recipe to cut down on leftovers. How do you use half an egg you wonder? Beat it in a separate bowl and then pour in half!

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