Monday, April 22, 2013

Road King....err Queen!

I'm not going to go so far as to say that being a truck driver and a retro housewife blogger are mutually exclusive...but it definitely isn't easy! So far, life has been a combination of sleeping, driving, eating and SOMETIMES finding a decent internet connection! I have been trying to explore the ins and outs of my tablet and thus far have been having technical difficulties. Yep, I'm technologically challenged. BUT! As soon as I DO figure out how to post from my tablet, I have some exciting ideas for Be A Betty!

1) I will (hopefully) soon be revamping the Be A Betty Pinterest account to make it more accessible and organized. Also, Group Edit boards will be showing up! Can't wait to see your contributions! There will be blog posts highlighting some favorite Pins. Please comment your thoughts or suggestions!

2) Just. Discovered. Polyvore! All I can say did you all let me go so long without it!!!! I hope to incorporate this as both a blog subject and as an addition to Be A Betty multimedia. The account is coming soon.

3) Don't forget Be A Betty is on Facebook! I'll try not to forget either :) I do have near-constant access to Facebook here on the road, so this is a great option for immediate feedback!

4) Finally, feel free to contact Be A Betty with comments, suggestions and subscriber feedback through E-Mail @

The Betty

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