Friday, August 14, 2015

Baby Wipe Update and the Glory of Amazon Prime

So, last we heard on the baby wipes, I was transitioning to cloth wipes versus paper towel based homemade wipes. Let me just say: SUCCESS! I bought 48 baby washcloths (from Amazon Prime, no less) in hopes that they would last through three days. I usually wash the cloth diapers about that often. Not only were there way more than enough washcloths for that period of time, they worked MUCH BETTER than traditional wipes! I keep the cleaning solution in a cheap soap pump so that the wipes don't mildew in the container. For each changing, I pump two to three pumps of solution onto a washcloth folded in half, then half again. If it is just a wet diaper I can fold the wipe over and use it twice. I've only had to use two wipes max for the nastiest of nasty diapers and he comes out clean, fresh and un-irritated. Heck yes! Baby wash cloths are the best thing since they put the pocket in pita! Or the Velcro on the Diaper!

Side note: I rarely use any baby item for its intended purpose.
Washcloths = Wipes
Receiving Blankets = Swaddle Blankets/Play Mat
Prefold Diapers = Burp Cloths
Portable Baby Bed = Cat Bed (Not my choice)

Now, onto Amazon Prime. It. Is. GLORIOUS. That free shipping! Also worth noting, Amazon Pantry! Each item counts for a percentage of space in a box. Fill a box, $5.99 flat rate shipping. We're talking Ziploc bags, shampoo, Pop Tarts, trash bags, plastic spoons....basically any non-perishable item you can find at the grocery store. The only downfall is my Fed Ex guy probably hates my stinking, rotten guts. I'm pretty sure that the day he decides to quit, he's going to decide it on my front porch.

I ordered cat litter.

Not just any cat litter. Tidy Cats clumping litter. The 27lb tote. TWO OF THEM, The FedEx guy now has a hernia. I assume.

Also at home sticking little pins in a voodoo doll of me are the UPS guy and our mail lady. They got stuck with 48 rolls of toilet paper, 16 rolls of paper towels, a 17lb pound bag of dog food and four 4-piece sets of brand new towels, washcloths, hand towels and bath mats. Let's just say I took my membership and RAN WITH IT.

Got a Cricut too....

You know what THAT means.

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