Monday, August 10, 2015

Homemade Baby Food

I breastfeed, I cloth diaper, I make homemade wipes....did you think I was going to buy baby food? Surely you jest.

Really, this has more to do with me being frugal (see: cheap) than with me being a SuperPinterestMommaExpialadocious. I also just really like to cook. And to embark on new projects. And have things to blog about....

I recently came across a Buzzfeed article with all kinds of baby food DIY's. I knew about sweet potatoes and peas and carrots, but a few of these really caught me by surprise. Chicken and Corn with Cilantro puree?!? Quinoa Ratatouille??!!?? I could eat these myself! I decided I was totally doing this.

Then it dawned on me....many of these fruits and vegetables would be out of season by the time my baby is old enough for solids. That meant only one thing. I'd have to go ahead and start making them now and freezing them for when he is ready. Oh gee, twist my arm!

I figured I'd start out simple...just sweet potatoes. No big deal, nothing impressive. I just boiled some organic Beauregard sweet potatoes I got at Your Dekalb Farmer's Market for super duper cheap last week, and pureed them with an immersion blender. (Immersion blenders being the next best thing since SLICED BREAD people!)

Most versions will suggest you freeze individual servings in ice cube trays. I have no ice cube trays. I have a mini muffin tin.

I was definitely having a "you didn't burn the beer" evening full of failed crafts and stuck sweet potato pucks that refused to give in. Finally, out of desperation and more than a little "eff it!" attitude, I let the sweet potato muffin pucks sit on the counter while I went and did other things. Truthfully, I forgot about them, but when I came, they popped right out with a butter knife. One did go skidding across the kitchen floor and made for a very nice dog treat.

While the sweet potatoes were freezing, I remembered seeing some interesting baby food pouch flavors last time I was in target (the eye is always watching!) and thought I'd look up the brand - Plum Organics. 

Sweet Mother of Mercy. Sooo many flavors!

I'm going to make them ALL. Well, at least most of them. I am really excited about Zucchini and Spinach with Pasta Marinara. My baby isn't just going to eat. He's going to DINE.

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