Monday, August 10, 2015

Behind the Instagram

I am a terrible instagrammer. I really only use it for the filters. Occasionally, I will scroll through the feed and make my presence known. This is usually while I am getting my oil changed and have already gone through facebook six times, read everything interesting on Buzzfeed and have taken sixteen selfies to ensure I got at least one decent one.

My favorite thing about Instagram is what's going on in the background. I recently posted a picture of a super healthy-looking, sure to be tasty spinach tortilla covered in all kinds of greenery. I made a wrap with leftover Panang Pork Curry, and yes, it was delicious. What you didn't see was me eating it in literally three bites with bits of avocado and romaine falling into the thigh creases of the baby nursing in my lap. Yep, ate those pieces too.

I like to make breakfast plates up for snacking throughout the morning. Usually because I'm more or less locked down to the rocking chair in the nursery for several hours and the sustenance is appreciated. I think food that looks pretty tastes better, and I can't let that food beauty go unshared. Here are a few examples

And then what it really looks like on the other side of the camera!

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