Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall-la-la-la FALLELUJAH!

IT'S HERE! The PSL harkened it. The boots and scarves suddenly making an appearance let you know it was on the way. Fall is back y'all!

What's so special about fall? If you really need ask, I'm not sure I could do the answer justice. There is just something phenomenal about crisp weather, falling leaves, sweaters and snuggling....and the food. THE FOOD. Cinnamon sticks start popping up at the grocery stores, apples are in their prime, and colorful squashes and root vegetables are being stocked. Things get spicy.

My kitchen smells like a combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the fall you can get today. I am, admittedly, a meal prep master. I may only cook once or twice a week, but when I do...

I was feeling a little pork choppy this week. I bought three center cut, bone-in pork chops from the farmers market and brined them to death. I used my Thanksgiving turkey brine: pickling spice (whole coriander, black peppercorns, bay leaf, whole cayenne pepper, plus some unidentifiables) apple cider vinegar, sea salt, maple sugar and water (or chicken broth). I let them sit in the fridge overnight and then roasted them in the oven on a bed of granny smith apples and yellow onions. Even the fat tasted good. I'm not ordinarily a big fan of anything bone-in, but let me telllll you. That was my dinner tonight. If eating rib meat off of pork chop bones from the cutting board while standing at the kitchen counter is wrong, then maybe I don't want to be right. I blended the apples, onions, pan drippings and chicken stock together and reduced on the stove for a gravy. I added a little more apple cider vinegar because I really can't get enough of it, but that's a personal preference.

I have mashed potatoes a-boiling right now to soak up some of that liquid deliciousness.

I made maple-chili roasted golden acorn squash too. The name is pretty much the recipe.

In addition to the pork chop dinner masterpiece, I made my old standby: turkey burgers. You really just can't go wrong there. Pair with a baked sweet potato, avocado half and some garlic rice? Done.

Now I've got oranges sliced and drying in the oven and pumpkin seeds toasting. The pumpkin seeds are for general snackage, while the oranges are for a wreath project I have in mind. More on that one later...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Peach Butter Old Fashioned

Yep, you read that right. Not Old Fashioned Peach Butter, but Peach Butter Old Fashioned.

Let me preface this by saying that I drink (when I drink, see: rarely), I drink like and old man. If Don Draper would have mixed it up for a prospective client, I'm down for it. Give me a Manhattan, A Rusty Nail, The Godfather, a Gin Martini - up. Oh, and of course, and Old Fashioned.

Now, where did I leave my stogie?

Being as I am from Georgia, and Georgians loooooove peaches, I thought a Peach Old Fashioned sounded great! And since I'm on this canning kick....

The Peach Old Fashioned Butter was born.

Truth be told, fruit butters are more suited for someone who has an outright ABUNDANCE of fruit that they are trying to make use of, rather than someone buying them at the farmer's market. Lots of peaches, little yield. Since fruit butters do not require pectin, they thicken by reducing. And boy do they reduce!

I started with about 15 organic Georgia grown peaches (fancy, fancy) and peeled and diced them into little bitty pieces. Word has it the peeling part is more or less unnecessary, but it is a nice activity that calms the mind. Oh, and then there are these two...

They know the sound of the peeler. Serious.

I made my fruit butter in the crockpot because last time I ventured into cooking a vat of boiling hot, sugary fruit goo, I managed to give myself a second degree burn. I was not in the mood for any degree of burn this time, so minimal stirring = good thing. I also waited until the end to add the sugar. Older and wiser.

I did add bourbon (Jim Beam...I left the upper shelf stuff for sipping) and bitters (Angostura) from the beginning so they'd have plenty of time to reduce as well. After a couple of hours, I pureed the mix with an immersion blender and slid the lid to the side to allow steam to escape. At the very end I also added freshly grated orange zest and voila! Six hours later the butter was done.

I ended up with six half-pints that I canned in a water bath for ten minutes.

They're especially good on English muffins with goat cheese. Or Triscuits.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Farmer's Market Fail

I missed my regularly scheduled farmer's market excursion last Thursday due to my husband's hometime (truck driver wife life) and things were starting to look a little desperate in the fridge. I was down to two lemons, an egg and some wilty scallions. Something could have been done with it, but I didn't want to be the one to do it.

I usually try (emphasis: TRY) to get there as soon as they open. There is a window of about 8 minutes between opening and looking like the streets of NYC at quitting time. Early in the morning, people are social and nice. Generally enjoying their peaceful stroll through the market. Fast foward a few hours and things get ruthless. It's dog eat dog and since I'm a puppy lover at heart, I don't have the taste for it. So that brings me to the point where baby and I finally arrive three hours after opening, at peak lunch hour.

No bueno.

I spend about ten minutes strolling around the cheese section trying to decide if it is worth it to go pee then, or if I can just wait until I get home. Then I go the the meat counter. At 9am - peaceful. At 12? Like closing bell on wall street. But with moms, and hipsters with rolled cutoff jean shorts and manbuns, and little old ladies that come up to my elbow but would just as soon shank you with their umbrella as look at you. Tough stuff, people. Then I make my way through fruits and vegetables, dodging banana peels and Brazilian walking spiders....not really, but it was the same level of harrowing. Finally, and I mean FINALLY, I get to the checkout line. It is six people, a tour group and a leprechaun deep. When it is my turn, and my groceries are half bagged....I start to get this really sinking, ugly feeling. That feeling like you forgot a final exam, or misplaced your jury summons, or locked your keys in your car....THAT feeling. Today it was the "I may or may not have left my debit card in my other jeans" feeling. My other jeans, in the laundry basket in my house...45 MINUTES AWAY. For those unfamiliar with our farmer's credit cards. I pulled out an ancient, dusty card that I think at one time was linked to a savings account, hoping for a miracle.


In the midst of approximately 347 people, my card got declined. That wasn't the end of it. The cashier had to call over a manager to void my ENTIRE BASKET OF GROCERIES and I did the walk of shame out the door.

I cried.

Small tears. A mist really, but I cried.

I snuffled and kicked rocks all the way out to my car, and just as I was buckling my poor, disgraced child into his carseat, a lady walks up to me and asks if I had forgotten my debit card.

YES. Did you bring pink himalayan sea salt for my wounds? I was feeling salty.

But no, what she did do, however, was offer to pay for my groceries. She abandoned her own cart to chase me down to the back of the parking lot to offer to pay for my groceries. She waited while the cashier rang every single item back up to pay for my groceries. If ever there was a day and a time that I needed a Good Samaritan, that was it. And one found me. Call it Karma, call it good vibes, call it guardian angels....whatever it was I can't say thank you enough.

And get this...

She was wearing a baby carrier too. It's like we have a club. Eye contact and smile, secret handshake, clubhouse password knock....we've got it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Baby Wipe Update and the Glory of Amazon Prime

So, last we heard on the baby wipes, I was transitioning to cloth wipes versus paper towel based homemade wipes. Let me just say: SUCCESS! I bought 48 baby washcloths (from Amazon Prime, no less) in hopes that they would last through three days. I usually wash the cloth diapers about that often. Not only were there way more than enough washcloths for that period of time, they worked MUCH BETTER than traditional wipes! I keep the cleaning solution in a cheap soap pump so that the wipes don't mildew in the container. For each changing, I pump two to three pumps of solution onto a washcloth folded in half, then half again. If it is just a wet diaper I can fold the wipe over and use it twice. I've only had to use two wipes max for the nastiest of nasty diapers and he comes out clean, fresh and un-irritated. Heck yes! Baby wash cloths are the best thing since they put the pocket in pita! Or the Velcro on the Diaper!

Side note: I rarely use any baby item for its intended purpose.
Washcloths = Wipes
Receiving Blankets = Swaddle Blankets/Play Mat
Prefold Diapers = Burp Cloths
Portable Baby Bed = Cat Bed (Not my choice)

Now, onto Amazon Prime. It. Is. GLORIOUS. That free shipping! Also worth noting, Amazon Pantry! Each item counts for a percentage of space in a box. Fill a box, $5.99 flat rate shipping. We're talking Ziploc bags, shampoo, Pop Tarts, trash bags, plastic spoons....basically any non-perishable item you can find at the grocery store. The only downfall is my Fed Ex guy probably hates my stinking, rotten guts. I'm pretty sure that the day he decides to quit, he's going to decide it on my front porch.

I ordered cat litter.

Not just any cat litter. Tidy Cats clumping litter. The 27lb tote. TWO OF THEM, The FedEx guy now has a hernia. I assume.

Also at home sticking little pins in a voodoo doll of me are the UPS guy and our mail lady. They got stuck with 48 rolls of toilet paper, 16 rolls of paper towels, a 17lb pound bag of dog food and four 4-piece sets of brand new towels, washcloths, hand towels and bath mats. Let's just say I took my membership and RAN WITH IT.

Got a Cricut too....

You know what THAT means.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Homemade Baby Food

I breastfeed, I cloth diaper, I make homemade wipes....did you think I was going to buy baby food? Surely you jest.

Really, this has more to do with me being frugal (see: cheap) than with me being a SuperPinterestMommaExpialadocious. I also just really like to cook. And to embark on new projects. And have things to blog about....

I recently came across a Buzzfeed article with all kinds of baby food DIY's. I knew about sweet potatoes and peas and carrots, but a few of these really caught me by surprise. Chicken and Corn with Cilantro puree?!? Quinoa Ratatouille??!!?? I could eat these myself! I decided I was totally doing this.

Then it dawned on me....many of these fruits and vegetables would be out of season by the time my baby is old enough for solids. That meant only one thing. I'd have to go ahead and start making them now and freezing them for when he is ready. Oh gee, twist my arm!

I figured I'd start out simple...just sweet potatoes. No big deal, nothing impressive. I just boiled some organic Beauregard sweet potatoes I got at Your Dekalb Farmer's Market for super duper cheap last week, and pureed them with an immersion blender. (Immersion blenders being the next best thing since SLICED BREAD people!)

Most versions will suggest you freeze individual servings in ice cube trays. I have no ice cube trays. I have a mini muffin tin.

I was definitely having a "you didn't burn the beer" evening full of failed crafts and stuck sweet potato pucks that refused to give in. Finally, out of desperation and more than a little "eff it!" attitude, I let the sweet potato muffin pucks sit on the counter while I went and did other things. Truthfully, I forgot about them, but when I came, they popped right out with a butter knife. One did go skidding across the kitchen floor and made for a very nice dog treat.

While the sweet potatoes were freezing, I remembered seeing some interesting baby food pouch flavors last time I was in target (the eye is always watching!) and thought I'd look up the brand - Plum Organics. 

Sweet Mother of Mercy. Sooo many flavors!

I'm going to make them ALL. Well, at least most of them. I am really excited about Zucchini and Spinach with Pasta Marinara. My baby isn't just going to eat. He's going to DINE.

Behind the Instagram

I am a terrible instagrammer. I really only use it for the filters. Occasionally, I will scroll through the feed and make my presence known. This is usually while I am getting my oil changed and have already gone through facebook six times, read everything interesting on Buzzfeed and have taken sixteen selfies to ensure I got at least one decent one.

My favorite thing about Instagram is what's going on in the background. I recently posted a picture of a super healthy-looking, sure to be tasty spinach tortilla covered in all kinds of greenery. I made a wrap with leftover Panang Pork Curry, and yes, it was delicious. What you didn't see was me eating it in literally three bites with bits of avocado and romaine falling into the thigh creases of the baby nursing in my lap. Yep, ate those pieces too.

I like to make breakfast plates up for snacking throughout the morning. Usually because I'm more or less locked down to the rocking chair in the nursery for several hours and the sustenance is appreciated. I think food that looks pretty tastes better, and I can't let that food beauty go unshared. Here are a few examples

And then what it really looks like on the other side of the camera!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Modern Cooking Methods

Some people follow recipes exactly, measuring everything. I bet they even level off the flour in the measuring cup. Others are what you could call "Pinch Cooks." They kind of eyeball things a little and add seasonings to taste.

Me? I follow the "Wish and Hope" method, occasionally the "Pray and Plea Bargain" approach.

I NEVER MEASURE. I have several sets of cute measuring cups and spoons. I use the cups as scoops and stir with the spoons. Or use the 1/4 tsp measuring spoon to break apart spices that have clumped around the rim of the jar. It can be pretty handy at times.

I also make very risky and sometimes questionable substitutions. Especially since I started breastfeeding. Lactogens EVERYWHERE. I'm surprised my husband hasn't started lactating. Full disclosure, consume enough Fenugreek and you will begin to smell it coming out of your pores.

In terms of cooking, this method isn't too wild and crazy. With baking? It's downright insane.

This leads me to my latest conquest: Homemade Pumpernickel and Preserves.

I usually make a fruit salad with figs (my EVERLOVING favorite!) strawberries, peaches, balsamic vinegar, honey and fresh basil. For a couple of years now, I've been mulling over how this combination would work as some sort of jam or spread. Flipping fantastic, that's how. I even canned them. Sterilized the jars and everything! It was touch and go with the pectin for a minute, but all in all they came out like I knew what I was doing the whole time. Act natural, they'll never know.

As for the pumpernickel....well, you know wheat bread comes from wheat flour. Rye bread comes from rye flour, Multigrain bread comes from multiple grains. What the hell does a pumpernickel come from? According to the Bread cookbook I recently picked up from the discount end cap at Barnes and Noble, it is rye, wheat and all purpose flours (simple, sounds 'bout right), chopped onion, caraway seeds and molasses (getting a little feisty here) and STRONG COFFEE. Say what? Are we sure this is a bread recipe? Oh, but yes, it came out perfectly pumpernickely. I surprised myself.

Disclaimer: My KitchenAid does all the work! Add the ingredients, turn it on and let it GO. Then just let it sit for a couple of hours, punch it down, let it sit again. No big deal.

The brief, shining moment of Homemade Baby Wipes

Baby wipes...not too expensive, immensely useful. One drawback - leaving the house to buy them. I *could* order them online, but that requires forethought. Forethought requires a certain level of mental capacity which in turn requires sleep. Sleep? What's that? Never heard of it. Nix the idea of ordering online. My amazon prime baby wipes would be gently drifting in the breeze as they were being droned in, and I'd be holding my squirming baby's butt under the faucet because I forgot to re-order in time. Baby bidet? Not as posh as it sounds.

That leads us back to the idea of making them at home. My personal saga can be broken down into:
Baby Wipes 1.0
Baby Wipes 2.0 - The Oops Version
Baby Wipes 3.0, Beta

The first generation required me to cut a roll of paper towels in half. Maybe if I had a LASER. Bread knife? Horrible decision. There was paper towel fluff everywhere. I may have paper towel fluff blanketing the inside of my lungs at this point. Chef's knife? Carpal Tunnel, for sure. HATCHET? I didn't try it, but let me know if it works. Once I had technically separated the paper towel roll into two pieces, the rest of the process went fairly smoothly. The instructions I was using called for 2 cups of boiled water, 2 Tbs of Baby Wash and 2 Tbs of Coconut Oil. Smoosh the paper towel roll into a plastic wipes container, pour over mixture, let sit. Pull out paper towel roll, smoosh more. It worked. Waaaaay too much liquid, but my baby's butt got a mini bath at every changing. Not really a bad thing.

Second generation, oops version. I unrolled the paper towels this time and cut the stacks in half with scissors. More time consuming, but more lung-friendly. I decided to reduce the liquid by half, which would have worked BEAUTIFULLY, except for the fact that I was "free pouring" the coconut oil from the jar. Went something like this: "oh that's good...maybe just a little bit more. Okay, tiiiiiny bit more. Okay, last drop, PLOP. OH GOD FISH IT OUT FISH IT OUT!" Needless to say, it came out extra coconutty. Also, not really a bad thing. 

Third generation is in beta because I haven't actually *made* them yet. I'm planning on using baby washcloths instead of paper towels. I don't want to have to go to the store for paper towels any more than I do baby wipes. If I start to run out of these, I can always do a load of laundry. And if I run out of laundry detergent? We already know how to deal with THAT. Ha. ha. ha.

Why are there no pictures? I did not document the process for a couple of reasons. A) I did not know at the time I'd be blogging again. B) It was VERY spur of the moment (uh oh, ran out of Huggies. Store, or try out that Pinterest thing I saw?) I also cannot take a picture of the finished product because the baby pooped in the wipes container. Yep. For the uninitiated, breastmilk poo is....projectile. Kind of like the excorcist, but from the other end. It can be scary. I am usually prepared for these events, but this one was special. It had an arc to it. The trajectory was perfect. The wipes went before their time.

Look what the cat dragged in...

Tonight I am posting from the deck of our condo, over-looking the beach. Gazing into the sunset with a glass of chilled German wine in hand and a gourmet meal laid out on the table...

LIES. So many LIES.

I'm posting from an armchair scooched over to my computer desk, red solo cup of ice water in hand and Boppy pillow on my lap. I have an excellent view of the boogers crusted up inside my beautiful 7-week old son's nose, and I just ate a salad out of a mixing bowl.

Perhaps not my finest moment, but I'm just fine with that.

Two years and many a-lifetime later, I'm back. Better than ever? I think so. I'm as happy as I've ever been. Adorned with spit up, dark circles under my eyes and sticky with spilled breastmilk and I feel fabulous! Motherhood is treating me well.

After six years, my husband finally made an honest housewife out of me. I went on maternity leave and it turned into maternity left. The bandana-clad, red lipstick wearing, cat-eye'd Betty is still there, just having had a little more life under the belt (no pun intended!)

Be A Betty is sure to have a new flavor this go round, but I think you will enjoy it. A little less pretentious, a lot more conversational. Please help to keep the conversation flowing with comments, facebook ( and e-mail (

There will be less How-To's, and more Day In The Life of posts. Let's face it, a seven week old baby is kind of time consuming. I'll do my best to keep up with my Betty duties, but Baby doody takes priority 10/10 times.

And with that, it's time to get down to biz-ness.

The Betty ( and Baby)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Wallpaperville Horror, pt. II

From the private memoirs of The Betty
Recovered after her disappearance, September 7, 2013

"I boarded the Crazy Train in the Master Bath, rode it to the Guest Bedroom, and now it has dropped me off in between Over and Done and Never Again. I'm clearly headed to Nopeville. Two words, people. Two words that would strike fear into the heart of any WWE pro, linebacker, Green Beret and perhaps even Chuck Norris himself. WALLPAPER BORDER. Oh God, yes, the dreaded wallpaper border. Inconspicuous at first. It likes to ambush its victims. Hiding in the lofty area where wall meets ceiling, it waits. I approach the room with utmost confidence. Simple paint job. No prob. Then, somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain, I began to hear it. It's that song that every horror movie has to have. It's what qualifies the movie to be considered "horror." It sounds kind of like "Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo Doo doo.." It is often accompanied by strobe light effects and rapid panning in and out of the camera. It gets more insistant, growing louder. Then, much like staring at a car wreck, my eyes are drawn upward. And OH GOD THE HORROR! It's everywhere! Every square inch of the top of the wall is covered by it! It reaches out at me, pulsating. It's the pink goo from Ghost Buster 2. It's feeding off of my fear! Help, somebody! Hel----."

THAT'S NOT TOO FAR FROM THE EVERLOVING TRUTH! Gah, wallpaper border! Why, in the name of all that is Good, why! Not just any wallpaper border, now. Wallpaper border that has been laid over the remnants of a FORMER wallpaper border, that was in turn laid DIRECTLY, DI-FRICKING-RECTLY, on the drywall.

"Oh, but that is so economical! Saves paint, saves time? What's not to love?"

Stop, stop now. If such a person exists, which clearly at least ONE did (hence the wallpaper border from Hell I'm currently battling. It may be going down, but it's darn well going to take the drywall with it!) do not speak to me. Do not make me aware of your presence. I have a putty scraper and a wallpaper scoring tool, and I'm not afraid to use them!

On that note, another Tip O' The Day: use the cheap plastic putty knives. Think about it. Your walls are delicate little flowers, and you will be feeling much like Sweeney Todd within 15 seconds of embarking on this little journey! Capiche?


Friday, September 6, 2013

Listen up kids, here's a story...

The Wallpaperville Horror, Pt. I

Why is wallpaper SO bad for resale value? Hmm, let us ponder. Perhaps it is because removing it isn't quite a WALK IN THE PARK. Nonetheless, it happens. It's there. But not for long, mon ami! I come armed with high level of ambition and an endess supply of HGTV know-how. And I've got youtube, dammit!

So let's start with a few tips. Pointers, if you will. First, I would suggest you "think like a contractor." And by thinking, I mean dressing. For example: barefoot, cheerleading shorts, and a t-shirt may not the your best approach. Also, proper equipment is essential. Another example: perching (barefoot) on a stepladder wedged into the bathtub, no bueno. But you know what they say, kids. Do as I say, not as I do!

Okay, getting started. Obtain the following:

Small Spray Bottle
Fabric Softener (don't go small here, you'll need it alllll)
Wallpaper Scoring Tool
Wide Putty Knife/Scraper (pancake-turner style)
HUGE Wallpaper Sponge, with scrubby side
Dawn Blue Original Dishsoap (small is fine)
Medium Bucket

I'm currently in the throes of removing the wallpaper from my bathroom. Yes, four walls of wallpaper. Four walls. FOUR. Help.
First, rub the scoring tool over about 2 sq. feet of wall. Try to work on one panel of wallpaper at a time, if you can tell where they begin and end. Second, rub the scoring tool over the area more, you didn't get it enough the first time. Third, keep going. Fourth, envision your ex-boyfriend, boss, the nighbors dog who barks all night, and keep scoring. Okay, you can stop scoring now - probably isn't enough, but you'll make it work. Now mix your fabric softener 1:1 with the hottest water of hades in the spray bottle. Spray the scored section of wallpaper until your hand cramps and ever using it again becomes a fond and distant dream. LET IT SIT. Do not be tempted. DO NOT, I SAY.

"Oh but that little corner, right there, it's ready! See, it's peeking up at me, saying 'Pull me, pull me!' I'm just going to pull it a little..."

NO. NOOOOO. Do not give in! Let it soak in! I'd give it around 5 minutes. Now, remember this. Push from the bottom, peel from the top. Use the corner of the scraper to (oh so delicately) lift the bottom corner of the wallpaper. In short, blunt movements, scrape up (shank) the wallpaper from the bottom. This is one GIANT price tag. The perforated ones. Know that Christmas gift you just gave up on and let the recipient know it was from Ross, when you wanted it to look like you ordered it straight from the Carter's catalogue? Because of the price tag's bionic refusal to peel!?!? Yep, it's that one. And it's gigantic.

Work your way up gently, using the scraper to lift the wallpaper from the wall. It's going great now. Smoothly, I dare say. Then, uh oh. What's that? A little resistance? Maybe a teeny tiny rip in the paper? Oh, it's nothing. Just keep plowing away! The wallpaper will abandon that little infidel and come back together like it never happened....right? Again with the NO! The problem is insidious. It's been building and goes for INCHES. Miles, in wallpaper measurements. The white 'back' of the wallpaper has become separated, and you can't tell where the rift occurred. Keep pulling now and it will result in a disaster of epic proportions! Quarantine the rip! Stop pulling and spray the underside of the paper, near the rip, like it's bug killer and the rip is Big Bob from Arachnophobia! Spray! Make sure the bit of paper ripping away and latched to wall is completely removed before continuing.

In fact, if you hear anything but the gently glide of wallpaper blissfully melting off the wall....STOP. Do not proceed. Do not. First will come that sound. Then a slightly acidy feeling in the pit of your stomach. That feeling which is the harbinger of the realization that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. Then the tears. For all that is holy the TEARS! Do not let yourself be found curled around your stepladder in the bathtub, your cheerleader shorts matted with wallpaper paste, clutching your putty knife, sniffily repeating "I shouldn't have pulled!" Save yourself....


Monday, April 22, 2013

Road King....err Queen!

I'm not going to go so far as to say that being a truck driver and a retro housewife blogger are mutually exclusive...but it definitely isn't easy! So far, life has been a combination of sleeping, driving, eating and SOMETIMES finding a decent internet connection! I have been trying to explore the ins and outs of my tablet and thus far have been having technical difficulties. Yep, I'm technologically challenged. BUT! As soon as I DO figure out how to post from my tablet, I have some exciting ideas for Be A Betty!

1) I will (hopefully) soon be revamping the Be A Betty Pinterest account to make it more accessible and organized. Also, Group Edit boards will be showing up! Can't wait to see your contributions! There will be blog posts highlighting some favorite Pins. Please comment your thoughts or suggestions!

2) Just. Discovered. Polyvore! All I can say did you all let me go so long without it!!!! I hope to incorporate this as both a blog subject and as an addition to Be A Betty multimedia. The account is coming soon.

3) Don't forget Be A Betty is on Facebook! I'll try not to forget either :) I do have near-constant access to Facebook here on the road, so this is a great option for immediate feedback!

4) Finally, feel free to contact Be A Betty with comments, suggestions and subscriber feedback through E-Mail @

The Betty

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Be A Betty Update

I'm a travelin' Betty and I've made a lot of stops all over the world...

Some of you may know that me and my guy are beginning a new adventure in team truck drivers! He has been an over the road driver for 3 years, and he finally persuaded me to join him. Don't worry! The housewifin' Betty that you know and love will back at it eventually.

I am left with a to write a blog on domestic housewifery from an 18-wheeler? Well...

I will be highlighting various blogs, websites, restaurants and stores ad well as posting my own experiences as I travel across the country. Look forward to many pictures, new ideas and tales from the road!

(Probably) The only Pinup Truck Driver you'll ever meet

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

THE Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Not A chocolate chip cookie. Not just Any chocolate chip cookie. This is THE Chocolate Chip Cookie. Chewy, crispy edges and just the right flavor. There is no going back after this recipe!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin-Cheesecake Brownies

Hi, I'm The Betty, and I am addicted to pumpkin. There, I said it! At least, I know I am not alone! Whether you are just looking for (another!) outlet for your pumpkin-craze, or are trying to find an alternative to the traditional Pumpkin Pie for a Thanksgiving dessert, these Pumpkin-Cheesecake Brownies will help you fall of the wagon and roll right into pumpkin love!

Vegetable Starter!

Carrots, Celery and Onion - the universal vegetable trio. It is the start of great soups, stews, sautes, stuffings, etc. Unfortunately, I always seem to end up needing this mix just after I have cleared out my refrigerator of the leftover carrots, celery and onion from the LAST time I made something with it. I don't like to eat raw celery and I forget about carrots, therefore I end up with shriveled, petrified carrots and limp celery lurking like lagoon-creatures deep down in the far reaches of my crisper drawer. And I REFUSE to buy the pre-cut little packages of vegetables at the store for oh-so-many reasons. So..what to do? FREEZE THEM! Little known fact, if you are going to cook them - vegetables and fruits can be frozen. In fact, freezing them first cuts down on cooking time! And freezing them pre-cut and mixed cuts down on prep time! Win, win, double win!

Mirepoix (fancy French term for the mix)

2 lbs Carrots, diced
1 bunch Celery, diced
2 medium Onions, diced

Combine all the ingredients in a gallon size ziploc bag and toss in the freezer. After they are completely frozen, whack the bag (gently) on the counter like you would a bag of ice. From then on, any time you need the mix, scoop out however much the recipe calls for (approximately) and voila!

30 Minute Chicken Noodle Soup!

As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter (and busier!) the sounds of the season can be heard: falling leaves, fires crackling, noses sniffling...wait. Oh yeah! The fall brings COLDS, and snuffles and chills and all those other fun things that can only be cured with Chicken Soup. Unfortunately, chicken soup can only be made by 112-year old Russian Grannies bent over a copper kettle for three days right?

Not necessarily!

This recipe takes about 30 minutes to throw together, with minimal effort (maybe stirring it a couple of times?) TIP: use (home) frozen veggies to cut down on BOTH the prep and cooking times!

30 Minute Chicken Noodle Soup

2 Chicken breasts, diced (also a great way to use up the leftovers of a whole roasted chicken!)
1 cup Carrots, Celery, Onion - diced
2 Garlic cloves
1 Tbs dried Sage, crumbled
3 cups Water or Chicken Stock
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 cup dried Pasta, small tube-shapes work well!
1/4 cup Sour Cream (for Creamy, omit to keep it traditional)

Put the chicken, vegetables, garlic and sage in a large pot. Cover with water and add salt and pepper. Bring to a rolling boil and let cook for 5-10 minutes, add in the pasta and cook until the pasta and vegetables are tender (the chicken will have cooked the fastest), about 20-25 more minutes. Stir occasionally, especially when you first add the pasta. There is no need to drain! The liquid will form the broth and the starch from the pasta gives heartiness. Remove from heat and stir in the sour cream. Serve! You could have a Throwdown with Russian Grannie Bobby Flay and take the win!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prepping for Thanksgiving!

Like the scouts say: be prepared! I'm doing a Turkey Test Run for dinner tonight. To be practical, I'm roasting a chicken, but poultry is poultry - yes? This recipe features a Black Eyed Pea stuffing with Delicata Squash. It might even make its way onto the Thanksgiving table!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hot Chocolate Truffles

Ran across these little delights on Pinterest...AKA, my second home. What a flippin' snazzy idea. Customize your flavors, and very gift-able! I am thinking White Chocolate Peppermint, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt.....ahhh, the possibilities are endless! Check out the recipe at the Your Cup of Cake blog!

Friday, October 26, 2012